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Over the last eleven years, Al Kanfei Nisharim has helped hundreds of women in the Five Towns and Far Rockaway communities transition to a one-parent home by promoting healthy and stable resources and aide.

Al Kanfei Nisharim is an organization dedicated to supporting divorced single mothers, promoting the cohesion of single-parent families and advancing their interests by influencing the community agenda. AKN helps women through the various stages and issues of divorce by providing support and practical information.

Al Kanfei Nisharim provides a financial and social boost to divorced women to help extend a source of stability to their families. These women can rely on Al Kanfei Nisharim for as long as they need, until they get remarried or are financially stable. 


Al Kanfei Nisharim provides many financial and social services to help divorced women of the community. The services offered are financial assistance and social services, including social workers, tutoring, food assistance and employment assistance. 

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